The Teen Outreach Program aka T.O.P. was created to address a need within the community that 8th through-12th graders did not have a safe, constructive environment during the school year and summer months. Children in middle school and high school have more school responsibility as they prep for their future careers and participate in extracurricular activities at their current schools. Some children however do not participate in extracurricular activities and therefore have idle time on their hands. Thus, making them less susceptible to high-risk behaviors, lower academic achievement and drug or alcohol abuse. The Centers meet this need by providing a program such as T.O.P. to serve youth with a safe place in the early evening hours where they are given opportunities to be mentored, make new friends, volunteer within the community, receive academic support and receive training on preparing for college and their transition into the real world.

The goal of this program is to prepare at risk youth for personal responsibility readiness, provide a safe and drug free environment. Additionally, the program provides academic support and celebrates accomplishments. Alongside the personal responsibility component, a recreational service provided that teaches team work and health wellness to all participants. Top provides meals, mentoring, college/career exploration, and art enrichment. Special speakers from the community will be scheduled to speak. Leadership, personal responsibility, healthy alternatives, and good sportsmanship are part of the the overall year round programs.

The Learning Objectives of TOP are to provide Job Readiness Preparation, Financial Education, Life Skills,
and Job Skills including but not limited to:

    • Properly fill out college and employment applications
    • Properly fill out FASFA and scholarship forms
    • Create a resume
    • Master interview skills
    • Elements of different dress codes
    • Common employee etiquette
    • Proper email correspondence techniques
    • Importance of internships and/or volunteerism to gain experience
    • How to compute interest rates
    • How to file a mock tax return
    • How to create budgets
    • How to balance a check book
    • Examine average household expense costs
    • Examine average vehicle expense costs
    • Time management
    • The importance of prioritizing
    • Leadership qualities
    • Stress management techniques
    • The importance of self care/health
    • Steps to turning goals into visions

Our target audience is all adolescent students. Curriculum varies depending on age group and class rank. It is our goal to collaborate with Communities In Schools and counselors at Estacado, Lubbock High, Talkington, Dunbar, Cavazos, and Roosevelt for referrals. Dinner is provided as an incentive to attend.