It is our goal to build the Self-Esteem of each child that we serve. Our children are LIMITLESS and they should rightfully feel so. Each of our programs are designed to provide children with new skills & strengthen existing skills in order to empower our youth. Each child participates in self-esteem boosting activities such as Mindset Mondays, the power of words, practicing positive affirmations, and team building. When a child learns to play the piano or even learns to swim, they feel accomplished. That sense of accomplishment is empowering.


As another strategy to develop self-esteem, we schedule local leaders and professionals such as from the communities in which our children live to come speak at our centers. It is essential for children to see someone who looks like them and who has a background similar to their current lives in the role they aspire to be in. We hope that they can see themselves in that leader or professional and think to themselves, “If they can do it, so can I.”