It is our goal to enhance the education experience of our center members past the standard classroom experience.

We educate our children to believe in themselves. We educate our children to be kind and respectful. We educate our students in academics and fine arts.

During our after-school program, every student participates in homework Power Hour. This hour is designated to complete homework with the assistance of our Program Facilitators. If students are not assigned homework from school, we encourage positive study habits by assigning homework to them during Power Hour in the basic subjects such as Math, Reading, and Writing. We understand that if success lies in the ability to master these subjects. We also have an on-sight tutor who pulls students from their regular scheduled activities to complete individualized Math and Reading exercises on IPADs. All students participate in tutoring and the IPADs make the experience interactive and fun. Students are also required to submit a copy of their report card so that we may monitor areas that they may be struggling as well as applaud areas that they are excelling. On Wednesdays of each week a Texas Tech organization, Reading Aces come to promote active reading amongst our students. Students each pick out a book of their choice and have one-on-one reading sessions in our Learning Garden with the Reading Aces members. 

During Summer Blast, every student rotates through Etiquette, Reading, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math),  Art, Music, and Dance. Each component is designed with goals, objectives, and assessments. However we strive to make learning as fun and hands-on as possible. There is not standardized curriculum which permits for lessons and activities developed based on creativity and ingenuity.