It is our goal to equip students with the necessary tools for success. Although our members range from age 6-14, we believe it is never to early to plan for the future.

During the course of the 10 week Summer Blast program, students research several career fields before identifying the ones they have the most interest in. Once a student identifies “what they want to be when they grow up,” the examine the crucial steps they must take to accomplish their goals. Students will be assisted determining the year in which they will graduate high school, how many years of college their degree plan requires, and the average income of their desired career field. It is emphasized that our students accomplish anything that they set their minds to. It is also noted that their aspirations may change at any time. To highlight each child’s research, they create Vision Boards as a project to stress that NO vision is too big or too far-fetched. The children cut our phrases and photos from magazines and attach them to a poster board so that they may visualize their goals coming to fruition.