The Boy Scouts of America provide programs for youth that will develop their physical fitness, build character and train each one with the responsibilities of good citizenship. Through continued experience, Boy Scouts know that helping youth is key to a more productive society. The Boy Scouts program enables our community to grow honorable youth, while developing scouting values that can be incorporated into their home and school.

The objectives of Boy Scouts of America is as follows:

  • Character development will be demonstrated through continued practice in the home, school and community.
  • Each boy will strive to grow in the following ways: becoming confident, honest with himself and others, his personal appearance show respect for himself, develops special skills and interests, will be expected to do his best in all situations and shows respect for others and their differences.
  • Demonstration of an active and caring citizen will be shown through volunteer opportunities within the community and practiced in the home and school.
  • Each boy will be empowered to do the following: be of service to others, show knowledge and respect for cultures and social groups other than his own, be aware of community organizations and functions, appreciate the environment and do his best to preserve it.
  • Showing mental and physical strength through structured activities.
  • Each boy will be motivated to work towards the following: using good judgment and make good decisions, train himself to be resourceful in solving problems, improve physical condition through exercise and participation in sport activities.

Troop meetings are conducted on a weekly basis on Fridays at both sites. Each meeting allows for hands-on activities with the guidance of the troop leader. Throughout the course of the year each Boy Scout has the opportunity to participate in sports through the Community Youth Development Program. Additionally, team leaders provide lessons and crafts planned out for them to participate in during the summer. The boys also work as a team and pick up trash around the Center. They also demonstrated great teamwork and sportsmanship towards one another and learned how to take care of their community.