ArtAdventures is a Lubbock Arts Alliance Program serving the children of the Guadalupe Parkway Neighborhood Centers, providing after-school Visual Art and Music instruction. ArtAdventures serves 40 Art students and approximately 20 Music Students. Participants produce several pieces of artwork that demonstrate their individual talent and creativity which are showcased at the First Friday Art Trail and other art exhibits throughout the school year. Artist, Maisie Marie Alford is the instructor for this program.

During Summer Blast, every student takes an hour Art course 2-3 times per week. The goal is to equip participants with the skills to identify color schemes, mediums and diverse forms of art techniques.

The objectives of the Art program are as follows:
• Compare and contrast color schemes in painting and drawing
• Produce an art piece with diverse paint mediums in watercolor and acrylics
• Maintain an individual journal to promote individual creativity
• Demonstrate proper use of lines, shapes and harmony in a painting

These programs include field trips to the First Friday Art Trail.  Art instruction encourages creativity with imagination and emotion. Participants develop art skills with the guidance of the Art instructors.